XMLSoccer is becoming Sportdataapi.com

One month ago, we acquired xmlsoccer.com. Back then, we asked you for feedback and ideas about where to take the API. First of all, we wanted to thank everyone that answered the questionnaire. 

We thoroughly analyzed all submitted feedback and concluded that we have to rebuild the entire application to live up to your expectations. 

That is what we have been doing over the last few weeks. Today, we proudly present to you:


A few facts: 

  • Xmlsoccer.com will be:
    • Online for the next 12 months for those that already paid a yearly subscription.
    • New payments will be stopped at the end of the year (31st of December 2020).
  • On SportdataAPI we increased the coverage to over 800 leagues worldwide.
  • Prices will not be raised for existing users. All users have received an email with discount codes that will match the old pricing of xmlsoccer.
  • You can try the API for free, here

A few questions answered:

  • Will the API be compatible with XMLSoccer?
    Unfortunately, the systems are not compatible and you will need to change your setup. With our new API, we aimed for modern REST practices and a simple and fast developer experience.
  • Why can’t I pay for more than a month on Xmlsoccer anymore?
    Since XMLSoccer will be discontinued, we removed the long term options to ensure that we can service each remaining subscription. 
  • I’ve got an active subscription on XMLSoccer, do I get access to SportdataAPI for that time?
    Yes! Please just send us an email and we will set up the account for you.

Feel free to reply to this email and send us your feedback!

Best regards,
Your SaaS Industries Team